Types of Kitchen Cabinets

There are a couple of different cabinets that you can choose from when you are ready to replace the ones in your home. When building a brand new home, the same options are available, but can be installed without having to remove the old ones first. Custom cabinets can add a new look to an older home and bring the overall décor together. There are also different types of cabinet grades to consider and that also has an effect on the overall price of the project. Remodeling the kitchen cabinets is a huge project in itself, depending on the size of your kitchen, but knowing the different kinds of cabinets available to you is the first step. More or less, there are four different types of cabinets and that includes base, wall, tall and specialty units. All of the types can be made to fit into any kitchen and that is the best part.

Base cabinets are about 24 inches deep and just 36 inches tall, but the depth can be increased up to 3 more inches for some custom applications. How deep you want your kitchen cabinets is really up to you and depends on whether or not you have the overall room in your kitchen to make them deeper. Base cabinets usually rest on what is called a toe kick, which is a four inch riser that sits on the floor of your kitchen. The wall cabinets are generally about 12 inches deep and that is very typical of most constructions. The wall cabinets can be increased to 17 inches deep if your kitchen allows for the room and this can give you quite bit more space to store your dishes, cups, mugs and more. Because more cabinets are coming pre-made, you will have to custom order anything that is not 12 inches deep.

Tall cabinets typically run from the floor to the ceiling in most applications and can be as high as 83.5 inches tall. Many times this type of cabinet is used for broom storage or a pantry location within the kitchen where you can store canned goods or even your trash and recycling cans. Custom cabinets can be made to fit into any location that you have in your kitchen. This would be the best option for you if you have a smaller area that is perfect for a small cabinet and you cannot find one in the store that will fit. Calling a custom cabinet maker is the only option you have and even though it might cost more than a standard cabinet, you will at least have one that will fit into that custom space.

When talking about cabinet grades there are four of them that you might hear about when getting ready to put together your cabinet order. Ready to assemble, stock, semi-custom and custom are the four that you will hear the most about. Ready to assemble, or RTA are the best chance you have to save money when putting in cabinets. These are the types that you see in big box stores that basically are pre-cut and ready to put together when you get them home. The durability of the cabinets is not going to be as good as custom wood cabinets, but when the cost is the main thing than ready to assemble is the best option. Stock cabinets are also very economical and are typically purchased from manufacturers and they are pre-sized to the space that you want to install them. Because they are pre-sized, they can be mass produced and that allows for the companies to keep their costs down.

Semi-custom cabinets are known as the mid-range when it comes to the prices of the cabinets. The sizes are considered standard to most contractors, but they can be adjusted in the depth department and that is why they are considered semi-custom. Custom cabinets are considered high end and can be made from scratch to fit just about any application that you have to fill with a cabinet. Many times, these are made to order and take a few weeks to get for your home. The best part about custom cabinets is the fact that you can decide what sizes they are and you know you are going to be getting exactly what you want.

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