Age-Proof Your Bathroom Remodel

Aging isn’t the first thing you think of when are beginning a bathroom remodeling project, but it should definitely be something that you take into account when deciding upon the design and the elements you incorporate into your new space. If there is a chance you will be staying in your home for a long time, it is worthwhile to consider the functionality of your bathroom as you age. For example, adding a bench and a grab bar in a shower can make it easier to use, and they are two elements that are difficult to add to an existing shower in the future. Grab bars can even serve a dual purpose until you need them – they can be used as a towel or wash cloth rack. Also, think about going “curbless” on your shower entry; not having a curb to step over as you enter the shower can make things easier for you in the future. It eliminates the risk of tripping over the step as you enter the shower, and it also makes the shower wheelchair accessible (if your shower door is wide enough). Shower floors can be installed on a slight slope to ensure the water flows into the drain without having a curb to prevent water from flowing into the rest of the bathroom. And when it comes to shower and bathroom flooring, make sure you select a tile that has a high-level of slip resistance. Tiles are actually rated by their level of friction, and the manufacturer’s specifications for tile should include this information so you can have a true measure of the “slipperiness” of a particular tile. Incorporating a handheld shower head can save you from having to replace it in the future, as the height of the head can be easily adjusted and the handheld function is great if you need to take a shower while seated. If you are selecting a new bathtub, you may want to stay away from free-standing tubs, as they often are more difficult to enter and exit than a tub with a surround because they don’t offer a wide enough space for you to sit and swing your legs. Finally, when you remodel your bathroom, you may want to think about your vanity area. Opting for drawers over cabinets in your vanity will save you from having to reach back into low spaces to retrieve your stored items. Even better, you may want to add a vanity tower, where you can store things above counter height. All of these design elements can enhance the ease of use for you and your family at any age, but they also can ensure that your newly remodeled bathroom will meet your needs for many years to come.

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