Sliding Barn Doors – No Farmhouse Required!

Mention the words “barn door” to anyone who has the slightest interest in home design and you will surely get a reaction. Sliding “barn” doors have captured the imaginations of homeowners who love their look and function. In their rise to popularity, the term “barn door” somehow became synonymous for all types of sliding interior doors, but the term “barn” can be misleading in regard to the vast number of styles available in sliding doors. The design of a sliding door makes it an ideal space-saving door that can add character and functionality to ANY home, no barn or farmhouse required! There are doors and hardware to complement every style from rustic to contemporary – and everything in between.

One of the most practical benefits of a sliding door is the amount of space you save by eliminating the swing of the door. Typical hinged doors require about 9 square feet of floor space (more if they are double doors) – sliding doors take only a few inches of floor space beyond the doorway to accommodate the protrusion of the door and track system. Sliding doors instead require a good amount of wall space: you must have an area on either side (or both sides for double doors) that equals the width of the door, and wall space above the door to accommodate the sliding track system.

The actual door you choose can have enormous design impact on your home – and the selection is practically endless! Choices include rustic wood doors, sleek doors with glass inserts, industrial-looking steel doors, chalk board doors, mirrored doors – the list goes on and on. The hardware completes the look. The track system and the door pulls are not only functional but they are also key design elements that can add to the beauty of your finished space.

Sliding interior doors can be used anywhere you have room for them: as entry doors to bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms, as closet and pantry doors, or even as room dividers. One thing to remember about sliding doors is that they don’t offer the complete seal that a typical hinged door offers. Since the door needs a bit of clearance from the wall and does not lie completely flush with it, the door does not close off the room as well, offering slightly less privacy and sound reduction than traditional doors.

If you are thinking about remodeling your home and would like to incorporate a functional design element, a sliding door might be just the thing to complete your new space. Don’t be fooled by the term “barn door” – a sliding interior door can enhance ANY home style.

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