Is Rectified Tile Right for your Design?

At KBF Design Gallery, we have almost limitless choices in size, shape, color, texture, material and cut of tile to incorporate in our designs. One of the popular options is rectified tile. Have you heard this term and wondered what it means? By definition, rectified tile is cut after it is fired, in order to create a more precise, straight edge and a uniform size to all the tiles within a product line (the size has been literally “rectified” to a precise dimension). Non-rectified tiles are cut before they are fired, so their lengths and widths are less precise and not as uniform. With non-rectified tile, large grout lines are required to make up for the disparity between the sizes of each tile so that the difference between tiles is not visible. The precision with which rectified tiles are cut means that there is very little variation between the length and width of each tile. With their uniform shape, size and straight edges, rectified tile offers the major advantage of requiring only extremely fine grout lines (as small as 1/16th of an inch). Thin grout lines are desirable not only for the look of the finished space, but also because there is less grout to harbor dirt, meaning there is less grout to clean!

Designs that include rectified tile with thin grout lines offer sleek, clean looks. Rectified tile can be installed on floors, walls, shower walls, fireplaces – anywhere you can install tile, you can install rectified tile. However, installation of rectified tile requires more precision than typical, non-rectified tile: installers must be experienced and skilled at installing tile with very thin grout lines; the substrate (the material under the area where the tile will be installed) must be very level; and, any cracks in the substrate must be addressed and remedied before rectified tile is installed. Additionally, rectified tiles are often larger-sized tiles. The larger the tile, the more critical it becomes that the substrate is level, that the proper setting material is used, and that the installation is handled by an experienced tiler.

The finished look of a rectified tile floor is something you should see if you are in the market to tile any area of your home – you just may realize it is the perfect fit for your design style AND your lifestyle! Have questions? Feel free to contact a member of our KBF Design Team at (407)830-7703 to learn more.

Rectified Tile in a Kitchen Remodeled by KBF Design Gallery