Coverings 2017 – Miles of Tile and Stone

The KBF Design Team was thrilled to attend “Coverings 2017” at the Orlando Convention Center earlier this week. There were literally nine miles of the latest tile and natural stone products on display from all around the world. Although we would love to share photos from the actual trade show with you, photography was prohibited at the event. But we assure you that we were on the lookout for the latest and most stunning tile and stone products to enhance our clients’ designs. Some of the most noteworthy products we saw were the “waterjet” tiles in a gorgeous array of designs. The term “waterjet” refers to the machine that cuts the tile; the high psi cutting head of a waterjet machine is able to cut extremely intricate and precise shapes. For this reason, waterjet tile is sometimes referred to as “artistic” tile. Materials including (but certainly not limited to) glass, metal, mirror, stone and tile can be combined in tightly fitting designs, yielding unique and gorgeous results. The possibilities in tile design using a waterjet are as limitless as the tile artist’s imagination, and the possibilities in uses for interior design are just as vast.

Below are some examples of detailed and intricate waterjet tile designs found on Pinterest. Do a quick internet search for “waterjet tile” and be inspired by the results!