Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

The internet is bursting with pictures of the most amazing kitchens, and if you are considering remodeling your own kitchen any time soon, you’ve probably looked at hundreds of them! And while those pictures are inspiring and are a useful tool that can help you learn what you would love for your own kitchen to look like, keep in mind that when you are investing the time and money into your own kitchen remodel, you want to CREATE a kitchen that FUNCTIONS for YOU. One of the best things about a kitchen remodel is that it can be tailored to the way YOU and YOUR FAMILY use your kitchen. You have the opportunity to customize any and every inch of it to fit your needs and wishes, so it is imperative that you think about how you and your family live and work in the space, and how the new kitchen’s design can maximize function and enhance the way you spend your time there. You don’t want to finish your remodel and have regrets about how you wish you had done things. To avoid this, define what your goals are for the remodel BEFORE you do anything else. A great place to start is to examine how you currently use your kitchen.

Thinking of a typical day in your kitchen, answer the following questions:

Who is the main cook? Are they right or left handed? How tall are they?

Is there more than one cook? Is there more than one cook at a time?

Where do you prefer to eat (i.e. in the kitchen, at a counter/island/breakfast bar, in a separate room, etc.)?

What is the traffic pattern in your kitchen?

Do you entertain?

Do you like for guests to gather in the kitchen or prefer them outside the kitchen?

Do you bake?

What small appliances do you use often?

Now you need to think about how you want your new kitchen to look and some of the elements you want to incorporate in it, keeping in mind your answers to the previous questions:

What do you like about your current kitchen? Be specific.

What do you dislike about your current kitchen? Again, be specific.

Is your kitchen’s current layout functional?

Are you hoping to gain more square footage by moving walls, adding on or taking space from an adjoining room?

How long do you plan on staying in your home?

Do you need more storage space?

Are you interested in adding appliances that you currently don’t have, such as a built-in coffee maker, wall ovens, wine fridge, etc.?

What type of cabinets do you prefer? (Do you know the difference between cabinetry overlay and inset cabinets? Click here to learn more.)

Do you like for the counters to be clear or to display your prep tools/small appliances (mixers, scales, etc.)?

How would your ideal kitchen look? (Gather and save pictures of kitchens you like, and then see if they have a common element that you are drawn to.)

Name four of your top priorities for remodeling your kitchen:





Now that you have answered these questions, you should have a better idea of your kitchen remodeling goals. If you are working with a design/remodeling company or contractor, share your answers with them. It will give them a great place to begin the journey to your dream kitchen. If you are tackling the project yourself, refer to the answers to these questions whenever there is a decision to be made. Remember that the most important thing you want to gain from your remodel is function – your new kitchen should work for you. Start with function and then add the pretty details you are drawn to in those dream photos. Happy remodeling!