The Differences Between Granite and Quartz Countertops

Brother and sister team Adam and Ashley from KBF Design Gallery answer one of the most frequently asked questions they hear from our kitchen and bathroom remodeling clients: What’s the difference between granite and quartz countertops?

Adam: Both our kitchen and bathroom remodeling clients are looking for information on the difference between quartz and granite. So we want to share some of the key features of both to help you make the best decision for you and your home.

Ashley: Side note: Something we often hear that we think is a bit of a misconception is that no one’s using granite because it’s out dated, and quartz is what everyone is using these days. We think a lot of people, when they think of granite, think of this type of granite (sample of beige, common builder-level granite is show), which was very commonly used by tract home builders some years back. We want you to know that granite is a natural stone that has so many different varieties and looks, and can be a fabulous choice in the right design. So the choice between granite and quartz really depends on two things: your style and your lifestyle.

Adam: Let’s start with the lifestyle considerations you should take into account when you’re choosing between quartz and granite. We want to explain

Ashley: Heat is one. Granite is more durable when it comes to extreme heat. Anything that gets direct sunlight, such as a summer kitchen, you would be best with granite. Another consideration would be how porous each material is.

Adam: Granite is porous and is more susceptible to staining. Quartz is not porous and resists stains better than granite. Let’s take a look:  we conducted a little experiment where we spilled some wine around the bottom of a bottle on a slab of sealed granite and let the bottle sit overnight (about 15 hours). We did the same on a sample of quartz so we can compare the results. The wine really stained the granite and will not come out even when vigorously rubbed, but the wine on the slab of quartz wipes away easily. Quartz is also great for cleanliness – since it’s nonporous, it doesn’t harbor germs.

Ashley: Ok – so once you consider which one may be better suited to your lifestyle, you also want to consider the look of each. If you are going to for a traditional look, granite can be a great choice. A lot of our traditional Orlando home remodeling clients are after the richness and depth that you get from a natural stone. (See this kitchen remodel for a lovely application of granite.) But if you are interested in a more modern style, you may want to consider quartz. (See this kitchen remodel.) Or, if you love the look of marble but don’t want the maintenance, you may want to go with marble-look quartz like we used on the island in our showroom.

Ashley: You may be wondering about the difference in cost between quartz and granite. Granite, in this “builder-grade” color palette, is your entry price point. Quartz starts a little higher. To include granite in the cooler tones that are trending today, you’re more likely to select what’s considered an “exotic” granite, and the cost on those have a more substantial price tag.

Adam: We hope this helps with your decision between quartz and granite in your own home. Make sure you follow us on FB or YouTube so you don’t miss more design tips and inspiration. Thinking about remodeling a kitchen or bathroom? We’d love to chat. Click here to contact us!