Ashley Sheaffer Named to Orlando Mag’s Women of the Year List

Please help us congratulate KBF’s Ashley Sheaffer for being named one of Orlando Magazine’s Women of the Year for 2022! Read about Ashley and the other women leaders who are shaping the future of the Central Florida by clicking here: 2022 Orlando Women of the Year Below are Ashley’s answers to some of the most impactful questions that were included in her nomination:

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL AND COMMUNITY SERVICE ROLES? Both professionally and within the community, my motivations find their roots in a desire to help people. I truly love what I do and the people I get to do it with and I’m constantly inspired by what we’ve been able to achieve together. I would not have a successful business if it weren’t for the people I’m surrounded with and I am filled with a sense of duty to honor their dedication to KBF.  

 WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST MOMENT SO FAR? Professionally, my greatest moment was the opening of our new showroom in downtown Maitland, FL. It was a passion project of ours that suffered several setbacks as the buildout took place during the height of the pandemic in 2020 in the midst of the transition of leadership, as my father retired at the end of 2019. Overcoming those obstacles, and seeing the growth of our company and personnel out of this new space has been one of my greatest achievements to date. Personally, my greatest moments have been bringing my three beautiful girls, and God willing: future designers, into the world, Charley, Dylan and Lucy.  

WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR LEGACY TO BE? When I look back at my life, I want to be regarded as a woman that never gave up in her pursuit to become better. I pray to be an example for my girls and to embody what it means to be a leader with a servant heart. The legacy I want to leave behind is a business that represents a balance of an attitude that personifies both confidence and humility. Humility in knowing there is always something you can improve upon alongside the confidence required to hold yourself to the standard of being the best.