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Bath Design Elements


When designing and remodeling a bathroom, no matter how large or small, there are many design elements that will need to be selected for the new space. Here is a sampling of some of the components of a bathroom remodel that may be part of your new design. Each photo is from a bathroom designed and installed by KBF (or of the KBF showroom) – we never use stock photography. Any member of the KBF Design Team would be happy to speak with you about the elements you see on this page, or any photograph you see on our website.

Vanity Cabinetry

Vanity Cab 5
Vanity Cab 3
Vanity Cab 2
Vanity Cab 4
Vanity Tower 6
Vanity Tower 5
Vanity Tower 2
Vanity Tower 3

Bathroom cabinets should be beautiful and functional, and their function should be suited to the way you use your space. They should provide accessible spaces for the items you use daily, as well as ample storage. Adding a tower cabinet to a vanity is a great way to increase storage space without increasing the size of a bathroom. Incorporating drawers instead of cabinets into your design can increase accessibility.

Vanity Countertops

Vanity Top 5
Vanity Top 2
Vanity Tops 1
Vanity Top 3

Vanity tops must stand up to the demands of daily living, as well as enhance the look of the space. Whether you like granite, quartz, marble, or another type of counter material, you want to be sure that the color, pattern, and durability work for your design and for your lifestyle. A KBF Design Team member can explain the differences between all types of counter materials to you, and you can see and feel a large array of samples when you visit our showroom.

Shower and Bath Enclosures

Shower Enc 5
Bath Enc
Shower Enc 7
Shower Enc 6

The choice of a shower or bath enclosure should be dictated by the design and style of the bathroom, as well as the bathroom’s layout and the lifestyle of the homeowner. From frameless glass shower enclosures to glass shower enclosures framed with aluminum, from double-door shower enclosures to sliding glass door shower and bath enclosures (perfect for rooms that don’t have the space for swinging shower doors), and from textured glass enclosures to showers with no enclosures at all, there is an option suitable for every design and every space, no matter how big or small.


Flooring 1
Flooring 8
Flooring 4
Flooring 7

Bathrooms with showers consists of more than one floor, and choosing the materials for each should be done with a consideration for the design and style of the space, as well as the upkeep and functionality of each. The vast array of choices in tile – size, shape, texture, pattern and material – can be overwhelming, especially when you consider that you most likely need to select a wall tile for your bathroom as well. The Design Team at KBF has expertise in tile selection based on all the things that need to be considered when remodeling your bathroom.

Faucets, Shower Heads and Tub Fills

Shower Head 1
Faucet 3
Tub Fill 1
Shower Head 2
Faucet 1
Tub Fill 3
Faucet 2
Tub Fill 4

The entire look of a bathroom can be enhanced with gorgeous hardware – faucets, shower heads, and tub fills are essentials that can also be the eye-catching crown jewel of your new bathroom.  Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, there is a fabulous piece of hardware out there just waiting to complement your space. 


Sink 4
Sink 3
Sink 5
Sink 6

You may not realize how many choices there are in bathroom sinks. Undermount, vessel, pedestal, semi-recessed, and wall mounted sinks are all options to from which you can choose. When designing your bathroom, the team at KBF will take into account the size, style, functionality, and footprint of your space, and present you with options for the sink style that best suits your bathroom design.