College Park Bathroom Remodel
This Remodel’s Story

Our clients’ wish list for their 1922 College Park master bathroom remodel included a larger space, a walk-in shower, and a vanity that could provide some storage. We reconfigured their floorplan to gain square footage by eliminating a small linen closet and relocating their closet entrance from the bedroom to inside the bathroom. We used the space from the old linen closet for a new vanity that provides just as much storage. The new closet entrance is to the right of the vanity, and we continued the flooring from the bathroom and added a closet system. The new shower sits where the tub was in the old floorplan. We also added a window where the mirror sat above the pedestal sink in the first ‘Before’ picture.

To keep the traditional feel of this older home, we incorporated classic colors, finishes and designs. The hexagonal mirror echoes the pattern of the tiles on the floor. Honey brass and navy add color to the black and white used throughout the bathroom in the patterned flooring tile, matte black plumbing fixtures, white quartz countertop and white subway tile on the shower walls. The result – a larger, beautiful master bathroom with a sizeable shower and stunning vanity that flows seamlessly with the traditional feel of their charming home.