How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Master Bathroom?

You most likely have many questions as you take the first steps toward having your master bathroom remodeled. And almost always, the first question on your mind will be “How much will it cost?” Unfortunately, the best answer to this question is “It depends.” It depends on the scope of your project, material selection, and the endless combination of choices you have in both. At KBF Design Gallery, we strongly believe that being honest and upfront about total job cost is the only way to earn and keep your trust. When you have your initial meeting with a KBF Design Gallery team member, we will do our best to answer all your questions based on your specific project goals, and we will also ask you many questions in order to define a realistic budget. Here are some of the things that we will ask because the answers can greatly impact the total cost of your project:

  • Will your remodel involve removing/moving walls?
  • If we are moving/removing walls, will it require structural work?
  • Will we be replacing the floors?
  • Will the shower, sink(s) or bathtub be moving from their current locations?
  • Will we be relocating any windows or doors?
  • Was your home built before 1978 (which means it may require lead testing/safe work practices)?

There are many other factors that can impact cost. The list above does not include anything to do with the finishes that you select: cabinetry, countertops, tile, bathtub, flooring, hardware, fixtures – all of these finishes have an enormous variance of cost that affects the total cost of your remodel. (For more information on all the factors that go into the cost of any bathroom remodel, please watch the video near the bottom of this page.)

But you are reading this because you want an answer other than “It depends.” The best way to give you an idea of cost is to give you several different scenarios, so you can identify where your remodel might fall. Let’s look at the different options in sample projects based on the following information that is common to all four scenarios:

  • The bathroom is in a single-family home.
  • A team of professional KBF designers will redesign your existing space with space-planning software, reconfiguring the layout as you wish.
  • We will create a virtual 3-dimensional space plan of your new space so you can “see” your newly designed bathroom.
  • The KBF Design Team will select/guide you in selecting the materials for your space.
  • High-quality and trusted name brand materials will be used.
  • The price includes all building materials, finishes and products.
  • The project will be built in accordance with all applicable building codes.
  • All labor, from demolition through complete installation (cabinetry installation, plumbing, electricity, tile setting, countertop installation, painting, trim carpentry, etc.) is included.
  • The demolition and all installations will be done by licensed, insured and skilled tradesmen.
  • All work is backed by a warranty.

Sample Master Bathroom A: Starting at $65,000

This is an in-kind remodel, meaning it refreshes the space with all new materials while maintaining the existing locations of all plumbing and electrical. It is a complete gut of the bathroom including any and all cabinetry, countertops, sinks, faucets, fills, showerheads, tile, sills, mirrors, lighting, etc. All of the waterproofing behind the shower walls is replaced and upgraded.

Sample Master Bathroom B: Starting at $95,000

This is an in-kind remodel like Sample A, but also includes flooring that continues into the master bedroom and closet as well as a new closet system.

Sample Master Bathroom C: Starting at $125,000

Sample C includes everything mentioned in Sample A while also allowing our designers the flexibility to maximize the functionality and aesthetic of the space by moving any plumbing and electrical required by the new design. This is typically necessary when you wish to enlarge a portion of your bathroom (such as the shower or vanity space). The only limitation is the perimeter walls of the existing room – it’s a blank canvas within those walls.

Sample Master Bathroom D: Starting at $150,000

Sample D is inclusive of any and all the possibilities mentioned in every scope above and is inclusive of product upgrades across the board. This allows our designers the flexibility to maximize the functionality and ergonomics of the space as well as the overall aesthetic through premium finishing materials. It is inclusive of a re-design of the existing closet as mentioned in Sample C as well as the ability to maximize every inch of the new space by designing in semi-custom or fully-custom cabinetry.

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