Small Master Remodel

This master bathroom remodel included completely reconfiguring the layout of the previous bathroom and closet to create a more functional space. The original layout had the vanity open to the bedroom, with the shower and commode cramped in the small space through a door to the left and a closet through a large opening (with no door) to the right. We see this layout in many Central Florida homes that were built in the 80s; the open vanity/closet layout is really inconvenient for couples when one is using the vanity/sink or has to access the closet while the other is sleeping. Our clients asked us to reconfigure the floorplan so that the vanity would be part of the bathroom and the closet would have a door. We achieved this by walling off the area where the vanity formerly stood, and adding entries to the new bathroom and closet on either side of that wall for direct access to each from the bedroom.  The new master bathroom has room for a double vanity (to the right as you enter) and a makeup vanity (to the left), as well as a shower/tub combination. The new closet offers more storage than the former closet because the new configuration created more wall space and we added a new closet system. 

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