While I don’t want to drag out the project, we will definitely miss having your crew in the house every day. Each one of them has been great. A few I would highlight:

Enrique is a master at his craft for sure. He is always enjoyable to be around and his work is top notch. We could not have been happier with his craftsmanship.

Josh was a complete perfectionist with the tile work. Really enjoyed watching him do his craft. And the results are outstanding.

Trevor is always an absolute joy having around. Always willing to do whatever is needed. Today he spent a few hours just cleaning which was really appreciated.

And of course Austin is so very knowledgeable about everything which really has come in handy. And he has been very patient with my constant questions. And he, too, is always willing to jump in and help where needed.

You have a great crew and great contractors. We appreciate them all. -The Rosmarins

It’s been six months since our kitchen remodel and we want you to know that we are still amazed and loving it every day. It’s perfect – exactly what we wanted and it speaks to our style. The entire KBF team are such professionals. It was a pleasure having this done by KBF. I’d absolutely have the team come back for another project and strongly recommend the team. -The Coles

I don’t have everyone’s email, so am hoping this can be passed on to each and every person who worked on our absolutely perfectly-done bathroom remodel project. If I begin using names, my fear is that I’ll forget someone or miss one of you.  But Rick and have each and every one of you in our hearts and mind, and we thank you all.

This project was daunting for us.  We started out just wanting new cabinets.  But Keith and Ashley came over and had a vision, and once we saw it, we were in. Our hesitation was the scope and time of the project.  We built this house in 1992 and have enjoyed updating things as needed, but this was BIG.  My husband’s health problems made it a bit more complicated, as we were told a 3 month start-to-finish time frame. But we committed, and we are overjoyed with the result.

KBF design team presented us with many options, every one beautiful, full of thoughtful concerns for Rick’s limitations, while showing up to date materials and stunning ideas.

The presentation in the showroom is a wonder to behold.  The team shows images and manipulates them so even a non-visionary like me can see the end result.  They spent hours making sure each and every feature resonated with us and was user-friendly AND pretty AND kept with our traditional style.  They looked at our whole house to make sure they understood our tastes.  So thorough.

Every aspect of the project was explained and set up in a time frame. It was exactly like that during the process. They prepared us for each phase and we sure were grateful. The day we saw the materials suggested for the project also was incredible….as soon as I saw it, I said I loved it.  I never do that—I usually take awhile as the images percolate in my mind.  Not this time.  The floors, the cabinets, the tiles…it was stunning.

When demolition started, we realized it was all going to be wonderful on the construction end too.  Kind, considerate, on-time, clean, thorough.  Having such an invasive thing happen in your private quarters could be a nightmare, but not with KBF.  Ever single worker greeted us, and our dog, and occasionally our grandkids! with warmth and gentleness and care.  We were genuinely sorry to say goodbye to all-demo, plumbers, electricians, painters, tilers, drywallers, handymen, cleaners, installers,  deliverers and designers.  Every single one of you, huge thanks.

This project exceeded our hopes and expectations.  The cabinets on our sink space open TWO ways—brilliant! The amazing toilet is our grandkids favorite? and a very cool item.  The layout is 100% better than what we had, and is so pretty.  The light that comes in now, the footprint, the colors, the features—beyond perfect. Every single day I find another thing to say ‘thank you’ for.

We have never ever had a project done so well, so perfectly.  I can’t find a single flaw, not even a paint drop out of place. The team put up with my (temporary) indecision on how the shower glass was installed, not sure if I liked the frame material.  They immediately had solutions and were ready to do what I wanted.  I’m so glad I didn’t change it and trusted Melissa, because as she knew, once the fixtures were in, it was perfect.  I smile about that every time I look at it. Your team made sure every single thing was done to the highest standard,  and we sure appreciate it.  If we had a question or something to work out, someone from your company was there immediately. Every time we were told someone was coming, they came, and on time.  If something changed, we were notified.

You all should be proud of the standard you hold, the excellent customer care you provide, and the amazing design and construction of your projects.  We are so grateful. THANK YOU! -The Susis

We want to express our satisfaction with our decision to go with KBF. We would like you to pass this on to all of your employees who participated on our job. What sets KBF apart from the competition is your ability to design, execute, and react quickly to any issues that come up along the way. Keith has put together an excellent team and we wish you continued success. -The Denhofs

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did designing my kitchen and two bathrooms, and for being on top of everything. Thanks to the office crew, who were always so helpful and kind when I asked questions. And, not forgetting all of the wonderful workers you sent to do the job. They all did such a great job and always went out of their way to please me. I will never forget them. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, but I certainly appreciate all they have done to make my kitchen and bathrooms so beautiful. Come and stop in any time to see the kitchen and bathrooms. God bless all of you. Keep up the good work. -The Pavuks

Our kitchen looks fantastic! We’re thrilled with the transformation! We promise to have you all back over here to toast this success! The Morsebergers

We just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for everything you all have done so far. The kitchen is looking absolutely amazing and we can’t see wait to see the final product as well as the fireplace area. We are incredibly impressed with the professionalism of everyone on your staff including the electrician, the painters, and everyone who has done work in the house so far. We are truly grateful for your talents as well as guidance in helping us make our home a dream come true for us. The Campbells

Your knowledge, experience, and artistic talents brought us to a more than satisfied result! The Pazmans

We are very much looking forward to enjoying our new bathroom addition and deck and cannot wait to start planning our next project – the second bathroom. -The Spitales

The design, the warm colors – just everything is more than we ever imagined! -Faye Deverall

Keith is a GENIUS! Not even finished with our tiny kitchen, but we LOVE IT! -The Adriaasens

It’s even more beautiful in person, thank you, Keith! You and your team have done a tremendous job! Can’t wait to show it off at my party Saturday! -Melissa Hazelwood

Keith remodeled my kitchen and it was so nice, we called him back twice more to do the bathrooms. -The Downings

We appreciate all the hard work. It was so nice to have such great correspondence with you throughout the project – the bathroom is beautiful! -The Relvinis

Our bathroom is BEAUTIFUL! We love your selections, especially the countertop. It’s fabulous! -The Daens

When remodeling my kitchen and bathrooms, I got 3 estimates over several months time. I was in no hurry because I wanted to carefully choose the best contractor. KBF Design had the best design for my living space and listened to what I wanted and needed. They fully explained the remodeling process. The workmen were punctual, courteous and efficient at their tasks. I actually enjoyed having them in my home because of the excellent work that they did, because they were never too busy to answer my questions, and because of their positive attitudes and good sense of humor. They always kept me informed during the process, especially if there were unexpected changes in the schedule. I am delighted with the finished product, which was done within the agreed contract time. They also came to do any finishing touches after everything was completed. It was truly a pleasure having KBF Design as my contractor and I highly recommend them for any of your upcoming remodeling projects. You will be so glad you chose a true professional. -F. Burns

Keith designed a bar in my game room that turned out much better than I expected. We had added a bathroom that could have looked like a box in the room and I did not want it to look like an after thought. Keith and his team came up with a creative design that tied everything together perfectly. They gave me great advice and I have referred them to friends and family. Not only are they honest but they are cutting edge and very “outside of the box” creative. -A. Devasto

I was a subcontractor for KBF Design Gallery for approximately 3-4 years, in this time I installed and would at times custom build cabinetry. Keith’s designs were some of the most intricate and interesting. It was a pleasure seeing the clients faces and hearing their praise for the finish product.

These are very professional and caring people – a very hard combination to find these days in any business. I would like to extend a deep thank you for all they did for me. -Woodworker0324

We had a 80’s galley kitchen that we transformed into a contemporary masterpiece, with KBF Design and Keith Velaquette’s help. They were very professional and came up with good design concepts. They helped us pick the right cabinets, right hardware and the whole thing came together nicely. Thank you KBF. -Koshur

Keith and his team of contractors provided excellent service and did an outstanding job on our home kitchen. Keith had great design ideas and he walked my wife and I through the process step by step so we were comfortable throughout the life of the project. We are very happy with the finished product and would highly recommend KBF to anyone who is looking for high quality home renovations. -The Cacalcagnis