Wet Room Bathroom Remodel
The Remodeling Story

The main goal for this bathroom remodel was accessibility. Our clients just purchased this home as their “forever” home, and they asked us to ensure that the space would accommodate their needs as they age. To do so, we incorporated a “wetroom” design for the bathtub and showers (there are two showers – one on each side of the tub!). In wetroom design, the bathtub sits within the tiled area of the showers on one flush floor, making the entire space easy to enter, exit, and navigate. Shower benches and handheld, adjustable-height fixtures are additional elements that we added to increase accessibility. Outside the wet room, we removed an existing linen closet to make room for a long vanity with ample counter space and storage. (Design tip: vanity towers are an architecturally pleasing alternative to standard linen closets.) We’re thrilled that we were able to fulfill our clients’ needs while creating this inviting space. 

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