Mistakes to Avoid in Kitchen Design

Functional Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen for your home that is specifically tailored to you is such an incredible opportunity! With endless possibilities in kitchen design, how do you know what to include and what to avoid? How do you know you will be happy with the finished space? Before you decide what color cabinetry you want or what type of countertop to install, you need to plan your kitchen’s new layout. Space planning your cabinetry, major appliances, sink(s) and lighting so they function best in your new kitchen are the most important decisions you will make in kitchen design.

Ashley and Adam, KBF Design Gallery’s principals, put together a video with some tips so you can avoid making mistakes in these areas. Be sure to watch to the end where it links to the video where we specifically discuss kitchen island design, too!

By Ashley Sheaffer and Adam Vellequette

Ashley Sheaffer and Adam Vellequette are siblings and co-owners of KBF Design Gallery. Ashley leads the Design Team that re-imagines our clients’ homes while Adam heads the Production Team to bring them to life!