Feature: Thirteen Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Kitchen Remodel

Real estate brokerage and listing site Redfin consulted the experts to compile a list of the top thirteen reasons you should hire a professional for your kitchen remodel, and KBF was happy to contribute! 


13 Reasons to Hire a Professional For Your Kitchen Upgrade

March 31, 2021 by Julia Weaver

The kitchen is the center of the home where warm meals, laughs, and cherished moments are shared. But like any other room in the house, there will come a time when the functionality and layout need an upgrade. Maybe the appliances are outdated, the design doesn’t bring inspiration or happiness, or you’ve outgrown the old kitchen with your master cooking skills. 

If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, it’s easy to look at the big picture and think you won’t need the help of a professional. By doing it yourself you have the potential to save time and money, after all. But that’s not always the case. Hiring a professional will help you avoid any costly mistakes or design flaws that you’ll regret later on down the road. We’ve asked experts, from New York, NY to San Diego, CA, to share the top reasons you should hire a professional for your kitchen upgrade. You’ll achieve your dream kitchen, increase property value, and set it above the competition before you know it.

They’ll help you navigate unexpected issues

No matter how quick and easy the renovation shows on television make it seem, remodeling is an undertaking that requires a lot of planning and organization. Any remodeling project can pose unforeseen challenges, but an experienced kitchen designer is prepared to navigate through all unexpected obstacles to ensure that you’re able to enjoy your new kitchen as quickly and as headache-free as possible. – The Corner Cabinet in Framingham, MA

To avoid design mistakes

Professional services are necessary to avoid timely and costly design mistakes like poor layout, functionality, and lighting. We will take the design and construction off your plate and create a beautiful aesthetic and functional kitchen to meet all your needs and appropriately plan for all the crucial aspects of your project. – Springs Home Improvement in Colorado Springs, CO

Prevent flooring mistakes by getting a consultation first

A flooring expert can assess whether you need to replace the floor or simply sand and refinish. Getting a proper consultation from a flooring professional potentially can help with your kitchen renovation budget. A flooring company expert can give you ideas for the best type of flooring for your renovation depending on your personal style, budget, and family needs. Having your flooring professionally installed will leave you with a seamless, attractive finished product, which is important because of the valuable role your kitchen plays in your family’s life and the overall look of your home. – District Floor Depot in DC Metro area

A professional will help you maximize your square footage

Any time you are making a change to your existing layout, hiring a professional will ensure you’re maximizing your kitchen’s square footage and creating the best possible floorplan. Professionals have education, experience, product knowledge, and technology that can work wonders on everything from functional space planning to finish selection, ultimately increasing your satisfaction with the entire finished project. – Adam Vellequette and Ashley Sheaffer, principals of KBF Design Gallery in Maitland, FL

They’ll pay attention to all the little details

It is important to hire a professional design-build remodeler with attention to detail. It’s the little pieces of the puzzle and the unforeseen circumstances that will cause the most hardship before, during, and after the process of a kitchen renovation. – Cossentino & Sons Remodeling & Design, Inc. in Columbia, MD

It will save you time and money

Hiring a professional design-build firm from the moment you decide to upgrade your kitchen will save you time and money by ensuring your design plans meet your needs, budget, functionality, and style. When you hire a design-build firm, one company manages your home remodeling project from concept to completion, keeping the communication and work with specialty subcontractors on track. When the designer and contractor are under one roof from the start of your kitchen upgrade, they can efficiently resolve any remodeling issues without significant delays – you have one company to work with throughout the entire remodeling process. – Marrokal Design & Remodeling in San Diego, CA

The end result will be worth it

Not all kitchen-improvement projects are equal. Certain decorative enhancements might be fine for homeowners to tackle on their own. However, kitchens remodels are serious business and there are many expensive mistakes to be had. More impactful upgrades always mean new plumbing, electrical rewiring, or architectural modifications, and require a thorough understanding of how various elements work in tandem and how families use the space.  Experience coordinating efforts amongst the various tradesmen is a necessity. To ensure optimal results, a certified kitchen specialist must be called in during the creative stages – before a single purchase is made. – John Starck, Jr., Showcase Kitchens in Manhasset, New York

They’ll create a layout that flows and is functional 

Any time you’re considering a layout change, function change, or wall removal, it’s best to give a professional a call. Hiring a design + build company will ensure that you are maximizing space and function safely while providing an incredible design that suits your home’s style and needs. In your kitchen, a design and build company will make sure there is proper flow and functionality of your cabinets and appliances — and it will be beautiful when the project is complete. – Zenith Design + Build in Clive, IA

The right finishes, technology, and accessories will make your kitchen timeless

One thought for homeowners is to always order extra tile. Before I was in the business, I had my dishwasher leak and it ruined about 8 tiles on my floor. Because I did not have those extra 8 tiles and I had to redo my entire floor in the kitchen, pantry, mudroom, and laundry room.  Lesson learned. Professionals can help guide you to select finishes that will be timeless. A good designer can make you aware of all new technology, accessories, and finishes that will be timeless. Working with a professional will ensure your kitchen will be most efficient for your lifestyle and family. – DreamStyle Kitchens & Baths, LLC in Mahopac, NY

You’ll find out if you want to remodel more than just your kitchen 

Kitchens are the heart of every home; they set the tone for style, direction, and layout for the whole house. Considering a kitchen renovation in isolation can be tempting but is often a missed opportunity to transform your home from good to great. Opening up walls and reorganizing living areas with a thoughtful kitchen remodel can level up your home for comfortable modern living while increasing the value of your home as an asset. We suggest consulting a professional before getting started. And almost always install a vent hood that exhausts out of the building, just say no to microwave/vent hood combos. – Moontower in Austin, TX

Interior designers will help make the design process stress-free 

If you are overwhelmed when walking into a tile showroom or slab yard, this is a sign that you should hire an interior designer. Another common circumstance where people realize they are in over their heads is if you are reconfiguring a kitchen, don’t know how to read plans or cabinet elevations, and/or if you feel lost inside a plumbing and appliance showroom. The third and most glaring sign it’s time to call the experts is if you are leaning on your contractor or contractor’s wife for design advice! Trust me, they don’t want to do free design work and just want to build, not design. – J Hill Interiors, Inc. in Coronado, CA

You’ll have the necessary permits

In the case of changing appliance locations or wall removal, you will need a permit that only licensed and insured contractors can be approved for. Also for building management approval in high-rise condos. Kitchen remodel is a complex project and it’s recommended to at least consult with a professional, especially since most remodelers offer a free consultation. – 123 Remodeling in Chicago, IL

They’ll connect you to local pros you might need during the remodel 

A good contractor will work closely with you to understand your vision and dreams, help you set a realistic budget, problem solve, and offer creative solutions. They’ll also have an array of reliable, local pros such as electricians, plumbers, masons, architects, and designers best suited to your job’s specific needs. Based on your personal preferences, cooking style, and family habits – they generate practical, stylish solutions that enhance the functionality and usability of your kitchen. Check with the Better Business Bureau, verify your contractor’s license, and, if applicable, check with their insurance and bond are current. – Expert Restoration Service in Indianapolis, IN


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