Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When you are unable to add square footage to a small bathroom, whether it is your hall, guest or master bath, you want to be sure to maximize the existing space so it functions and feels as large as possible. By applying some of these design ideas, you can maximize storage and breathing room and reduce the cramped feeling of a small bathroom.

Let there be light! Whether it is by making the most of natural light coming through a window or by adding lighting over the vanity and the tub or shower, lighting is essential. If you are lucky enough to have a window in the room, use privacy film that allows the light to come through without visually cluttering and darkening the room. Dark spaces appear smaller than light-filled spaces. Keep this in mind when selecting a mirror as well – large mirrors (especially those that reflect the natural light from a window) can significantly open up a space.

To increase storage space in a small bathroom, look up! Hanging open shelves to store towels and other bath essentials is a way to maintain the maximum square footage of the floor space. Putting a medicine cabinet above the toilet is another simple way to increase storage without taking up additional floor space. A mirrored cabinet works well, as it reflects life and the space beyond, creating the illusion of a larger room.

Replacing shower curtains with glass doors may be the most effective way to make a small bathroom feel larger. Shower curtains cut off the room, while glass doors act like windows and let the eye travel to the full expanse of the room. If you have a window in the shower or bath the effect will be amplified, as you have just added natural light to the entire room that was previously hidden behind the curtain! Your eye will naturally travel through the glass door and window, making the room seem bigger.

If you are re-tiling a shower or bath wall, make sure to include recessed-niche or corner shelves to store your shower and bath essentials. Both are effective ways to eliminate the clutter of bottles, soaps and all the other products that eat into precious space. Another idea if you are re-tiling: think about taking the tile all the way up to the ceiling. This is a smart and economical way to add the feeling of height to the room.

Consider reducing the size of the vanity and everything that goes along with it. A smaller vanity that holds a smaller sink and faucet can open up floor space. A vanity that has open shelving can also add to the illusion of more space, as does a footed vanity that reveals the flooring beneath.

Finally, if the wall space outside of the bathroom is available, consider replacing the bathroom entry door with a sliding door on the exterior wall. Small bathrooms are often hindered by their entry doors; installing a door that slides shut instead of swinging in makes entering and exiting the bathroom less cumbersome, and creates the feeling of a larger bathroom.

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