Bathroom Storage by Design

An essential thing to consider when designing and remodeling your bathroom, no matter how large or small, is how to best incorporate storage. Having adequate and accessible storage is the key to a functional bathroom, as well as the key to keeping your space tidy and uncluttered.

The most common storage area in the bathroom is the vanity. Typical vanities have doors under the sink and maybe a drawer or two as well. Today’s vanities offer many options that include deeper, larger drawers to provide easier access to items than provided by the usual cabinet with doors. Vanities with open shelving can give the illusion of more space, and they can be filled with easy-to reach towels or baskets that conceal various items without limiting access.

If you have the room, you may want to consider a vanity tower. These towers use otherwise wasted vertical space and offer storage that can be relatively deep. Vanity towers can be customized; you can incorporate glass or mirrored doors, mirrors inside (with lights that come on when the doors are opened), glass doors, open shelving, both large and small drawers, or any combination of these elements to suit your needs and style.

One of the best ways to gain storage space in your bathroom is by claiming the recessed space behind the drywall. Called niches, these recessed areas can be the perfect storage solution for every bathroom and shower. The remarkable thing about niches is they don’t eat into any of the space of the bathroom like typical shower/bath shelves and soap dishes do. (Additionally, these recessed spaces can become a design element that you can enhance with accent tile or granite shelves.)  Niches can hold shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, razors, loofahs, and all the other necessities you keep in this space. They can be built with shelves or you can have multiple niches – the choice is yours. (When designing the niche, be sure the height of the niche/shelving within is high enough to accommodate the size of the bottles you use.)

Another way to gain space in your bathroom is by adding recessed shelving and wall cabinets outside of the shower and bathtub. A recessed medicine cabinet can sit flush against the wall and house all your smaller items, keeping your sink vanity clear. The hollow space behind the drywall can also be used to create open shelves where you can add décor or store pretty bottles with cotton balls, cotton swabs and other bathroom essentials. A recessed linen closet can be built into a bathroom that has the space available to steal from an adjoining room or closet. Having a linen closet in the bathroom is more functional than having one outside in the hallway, especially when you realize your forgot your towel!

Designing a beautiful bathroom is easy – designing a beautiful and functional bathroom that makes your life easier is the goal we have for every one of our bathroom design-remodels. Call KBF Design Gallery at (407)830-7703 to schedule a free, in-home consultation to discuss how we can help with your bathroom or kitchen. Click here to visit our Ideabook “Bathroom Storage” on Houzz to see actual pictures of how KBF has designed storage into our clients’ remodeled bathrooms.